Janssen & Associates Recruiting brings together leaders and organizations who collaboratively create and sustain their contribution to the common good.

Our Company

Janssen & Associates Recruiting is a full-service executive recruiting and transition consulting firm providing nonprofit and corporate recruiting, transition consulting, Interim Executive Director, and consultant referrals.

Our clients and candidates are committed to social causes and they share our values to help make the world a better place.



We place people with Business Acumen and Hearts of Nonprofit Leaders


Social Consciousness

Nonprofits are the glue that holds our communities together. We love working with nonprofit board members and staff who carry on the mission of the founders of their organization.

Founders can’t walk by a problem and not do something about it. They bring together their friends and grow a group of volunteers. They create an organization to do something about what is missing, what needs to be cleaner, healthier, safer, provide education, a place for art, more beautiful, or even a place to enjoy each other, and much more.

While many people are unaware of injustice and some are even complacent about people’s challenges, and those of our planet, socially conscious people pay attention, envision a world that works for everyone, take action, learn, and make it happen.

Listen to founders tell their story of inspiration and success: Architects of Opportunities

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