Interim Executive Directors

To learn more about Interim Executive Directors (IED) and the amazing work they do, visit the National Association of Accredited Interim Executive Directors (NAAIED).


Why do we need an Interim Executive Director?

Leadership transition can be a time of crisis or opportunity. An experienced Interim allows staff, board, clients and stakeholders the opportunity to take a breath and avoid rushed decisions, or decisions made out of desperation. A professional Interim Executive Director is skilled in being the bridge between the former leader and the new leader.

When do we need an Interim Executive Director?

When there is a sudden loss of leadership due to illness or death, change of direction of the Board of Directors, or a planned or unplanned Executive Director departure.

Aren’t we doing recruiting twice?

Interim Executive Directors have specific experience, are not recruited like candidates; we recommend a professional, experienced Interim Executive Director, who has served as a successful Executive Director. Unlike the full cycle executive search, the Interim interview process involves one interview and additional conversations as needed.

Will the staff get used to the Interim and have to get used to another?

Staff may become attached to the Interim, however Interims are skilled at gaining trust and helping staff through the steps of transition and to appreciate and welcome the new leader. The major role of the Interim is to prepare the organization and staff for the new leader.

Is compensation more for an Interim than an Executive Director?

The fee is comparable to the amount budgeted for an Executive Director's compensation.

Does the entire board need to decide on the Interim?

The Board can collectively vote on interim candidates presented to them, or an identified search committee can be authorized by the board to make the selection for the organization.

Where do you find Interim Executive Directors?

Through our years of recruiting, we have culled a group of experienced Interim Executive Directors who have excellent reputations and with whom we have worked.

What kinds of qualifications do Interim Executive Directors have?

Interim Executive Directors have served in leadership roles including Executive Director or CEO positions. They are selected for their expertise in working with an organization’s most pressing issues: leadership, finances, human resources, programs, fundraising, strategy, merger & acquisition consideration, etc. If available, we recommend IEDs who are members of NAAIED, National Alliance of Accredited Interim Executive Directors.

How long will an Interim Executive Director be in place?

An Interim typically serves during the executive search process which can be three to six months.

How do Interims support the Board of Directors?

Interims are not candidates for the permanent position. From this vantage point, they offer clear and authentic, professional recommendations based on experience. Interims have worked with many boards and served in leadership positions. Many have board membership experience. Interims provide as much interaction and detailed information as a Board wants.

Can we hire Interim Directors for other positions?

Interim Executive Directors are available for other consulting and Interim positions including CFO, COO, Development, Board governance coaching, marketing and branding, strategic planning, human resources, among others.