The Marin Founders Celebration was established in 2015 and is an annual celebration honoring Marin County’s nonprofit leader’s considerable contributions to the community.

Marin Nonprofit Founders have tilled the ground, planted the seed and grown organizations that make Marin a wonderful community. Founders provide services for people in health care and other social services, education, art, science, environmental protection and awareness and more.

The 1st Annual Marin Founders Celebration was hosted by and held at the Buck Institute on April 26, 2015. Each year we honor and celebrate up to 50 nonprofit founders to recognize their significant achievements in our communites.

View the trailer of the documentary, shown at the 2015 Marin Founders Celebration:

The Marin Founders Celebration is in collaboration with Producer and Director, Michael Morrissey of Spirit House Productions. Michael produced the first 2015 Marin Founders Celebration documentary on Marin County’s nonprofit founders. as well as the Architects of Opportunities TV series that airs on the Community Media Center of Marin (CMCM), Channel 26 with host, Jacqueline Janssen, Founder of Marin Founders Celebration and CEO of Janssen & Associates.

To view the 2017 event date and to submit a founder visit the Marin Founders Celebration website.

What community members have to say about the event:

“Thank you for including my parents’ work and in particular my mother DeReath Collins in the Marin Founders Celebration on behalf of Lifehouse. The event was such a unique gathering of women and men who have shaped the character and culture of Marin County. The themes of social justice, educational opportunity, volunteerism and environmental responsibility were resounding. I know that my parents would have taken great delight in being in the company of others who took strong stands on the controversial and defining issues of their times in order to create a more just, healthy and inclusive ecology in Marin County. This work is never complete but it’s refreshing to pause and to take stock of where we’ve been as we chart the course ahead.”  – Charles M. Collins, President & CEO, YMCA, San Francisco

“Thank you so very much for a lovely event in honor of the founders of so many worthy non-profits in Marin County. I know that Mary Taverna, our founder, was smiling from ear to ear. She appreciated the opportunities to re-connect with many of her fellow “founders” at the event. Thank you for acknowledging her, as she means so much to us.” – Kitty Whitaker, RN, MS, Chief Executive Officer, Hospice By The Bay

“What a nice turnout and it was fun for everyone to see old friends.” – Pat Arrigoni, Co-Founder, The Marine Mammal Center

“What an exhilarating coming together of community!.[It] WAS the definition of community —coming together, common values, appreciation of each other, connecting with old and new and close and distant friends and associates, and appreciating the leaders and their organizations in our Marin County. It was elegant, friendly, relaxed, joyful. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for creating such energy and momentum and inspiration for each of us. It was a most gracious gift to Marin County and will continue to live on through the videos and the rekindling of spirits.” – Joan Brown, Founder Civic Center Volunteers


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